Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't post often because I don't fit my writing into the standard blogging form very often. There are some great bloggers, I'm not one of them yadda, yadda.

But you get a sense now and then about how different the medium could be (as I did reading Theoria on DailyKos a few years ago), and how it rarely gets there. I think anonymous nails it in the comment I've pasted in below. And how appropriate that he should think no one will listen to him for saying such a thing (as he says in a part left out), when he's actually very interesting:

Anonymous said...
I can't wait for the day when blogs are more than hypertextual diaries. I read this and I saw this and hear's a picture of me with my wife. I'm sure there are sites that aspire to be more than what we have, something more abstract, creative, and maybe even a little poetic in terms of how they are laid out. I've been reading these movie blogs for a couple of years now and they're stale. It's the orthodoxy of punk all over again. We're going to create a new world and it has to look exactly like this. It's time to rip it up and start again. These blogs are like cocktail parties: I'm reading Mark Crispin Miller and oh, have you seen the new Malick, and isn't it a shame about Spielberg, and Hey, let's play a game! Everyone name their top five...blah, blah, blah, and who is this man and why is he saying this, he shouldn't be allowed to speak, that's not what we're here for, now everyone be civil.

By Anonymous' standards this post is stale, but it is so in a way that considers how it could be otherwise. Thanks, Anonymous, whoever you may be. If I could do something different I would, and I'd do it more often.

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