Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blog 4
The blind woman on t.v. said it best. She was being interviewed in her living room, her seeing eye dog trotting in a circle around her. When the rescue workers reached her house, it was half submerged in water. She was pretty hungry, too, and so was the dog. But they would only take her, they said – no pets – so she’d decided to stay. Now another week had gone by, and the rescue workers had come back. This time they’d take both of them, Ida May and Rick.

The reporter asked, “Where do you think you’re headed, now that you’re finally getting out of here?”

And Ida May replied, “ I have no idea where I’m going…. nothing is certain.”

Then she stopped. The milky whites of her eyes and their unmoving centers seemed fixed on some invisible point in the high distance.

“Let me say that a little bit differently,” she resumed. “I have no idea where I’m going, but I am absolutely certain that God knows where I’m going.”

She stopped then, looking triumphant. And I thought, yeah, Ida May, I’m with you.

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