Monday, September 26, 2005

The hardest of all arts (to create and appreciate) in my opinion is poetry. The poet must acquire a near supernatural proficiency in the what I consider the most important aspect of artmaking: perception. In addition to being perceptive, however, the poet must possess the rarest of human gifts, the ability to connect, to see, and then of course to translate so that we can. This makes true poetry ridiculously difficult and explains why most of what's offered up as poetry really sucks. When it doesn't suck, however, poetry has the potential to surpass all other efforts mankind dares attempt in creating something sublime.


Theresa B. said...

Yes, yes, I agree, poetry is hard work. Those who do it well, the published, the well-known, those that keep writing poetry for the sheer joy of it, seem to create effortlessly. So am I a poet if I struggle, I mean really struggle, to find the right words? Am I a poet if I make up a poetic structure to fit my words? Am I a poet if the piece speaks to me alone or does it have to speak to others besides myself? I dare say that the appreciation of poetry is in the eye of the reader. I'm a poet by gum! Albeit in comfort of my closet.

Not Cliff Geertz said...

Damn straight.